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LEGANG ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. factory in China mainland was established in 2007 and the HongKong office L&G ELECTRONICS CO., Ltd Was established in 2014. We turned into a manufacturer engaged in the R&D, manufacture and trading company of Switches, Thermal protector, Potentiometer ,rotary rheostat and jacks.
Its leading products include switch products like Motor Thermal protector, power switch, ROCKER SWITCH, trigger switch, Micro Switch, toggle switch, push button switch and Rotary Switch, Potentiometer,rotary rheostat etc.; And the jack/socket have AC/DC jack, AV terminals, S-terminal and USB head and socket, etc.
The products are widely used for lighting decoration, toys, cold and hot fans, dust cleaner, vibrator, peripheral computer device and various video and audio products, electronic appliances, electronics, instrument and medical equipment.
After the development for a dozen of years, the company has turned into a corporate with powerful technology forces, self-contained production and testing equipment and complete quality assurance system; All operating procedures comply strictly with ISO9001 and ISO14000 Standards.

" It is our objective to innovate with science and technology, keep improving and launch sound services, We expecting the manufacturers and people from all walks of life for mutual refulgence.




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