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RV169 Waterproof Potentiometer RV169 Waterproof Potentiometer


RV169 Waterproof Potentiometer

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RV169 IP67 Waterproof Potentiometer Mainly used in ships, diving equipment, outdoor equipment,Electric cars etc.
  • RV169

Electrical Specification
Total Resistance :100Ω~1MΩ
Total Resistance Tolerance :±10%
Power Rating:≤ 0.05W
Max Operating Voltage:AC 50V
Contract Resistance::5% or less
Residual Resistance:R1~2:≤ 10 Ω; R2~3:≤ 20 Ω
Rotational Noise:1OOmV Less than
Tracking Error:≤± 3dB, at -40 ~ 0dB.
Insulation Resistancef:More then 100MΩ at DC 250V 1 Minute
Withstand Voltage:1 Minute at AC 300V
Working Temperature:Below 5 ºC~70ºC
Storage Temperature:5ºC~35ºC

Mechanical Specification
Total Rotational Angle:300°±10°
Rotational Torque:20gf.cm~120gf.cm
Click position: Center click or 41 click
Click Slip Out Force:30gf.cm~150gf.cm
Switch working angle:≤ 50°(rotary power switch)
Switch Working Torque:≤1kgf.cm (rotary power switch)
Shaft Stopper Strength::≤4Kgf.cm
Shaft Push & Pull Strength:≥8Kgf.cm


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