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Which brand is LEGTOP and LGSWITCH

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Which brand is LEGTOP and LGSWITCH

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L&G Electronics Co., Ltd. The Company is a manufacturer specializing in design, research, development, manufacturing and market sale of the Potentiometer,Encoder,Power Switch,Power Socket,Thermal Protector,Thermal Fuse,Hardware and plastic accessories etc products.The product varieties rank the first place in the industry, and have included more than 60000 specifications. The products are widely used in automotive electronics, white household appliances, black household appliances, smart home, electronic and mechanical equipment, intelligent office equipment, audio-visual equipment, intelligent medical treatment, military industry and other fields.


L&G Company has many brand such as LGSWITCH,LEGTOP etc.L&G Company mature and stable micro-electronic assembling equipment, testing equipment, glue dispensing and greasing equipment, packing equipment, standard manipulator and so on. Different kinds of automatic robots produced by L&G Company have involved with such many fields as electronic, communication, hardware, medicine, building material, furniture, toy and so on.

LGSWITCH potentiometer

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