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L&G 24 Position Rotary Switch Application

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L&G 24 Position Rotary Switch Application

Rotary Switches from L&G are available in a variety of indexing options for applications ranging from 10 mA to 20 Amps. With multi-pole, multi-position, half-inch, rota-slide, power rota-slide and sub-miniature switch type designs, L&G Rotary Switches feature shorting and non-shorting contacts for maximum design flexibility.


L&G offers more Rotary Switches for PCB or panel-mount applications. Miniature and subminiature designs save space on PCBs, while solder lug, PC thru-hole, wire lead, or quick connect terminations support a variety of mount options.  

major and small appliances
industrial equipment (including elevators)
building automation
telecommunications devices
consumer electronics (including digital cameras)
audio and visual equipment
test and medical equipment
portable tools

ceiling fans and HVAC air conditioning equipment

L&G SP24T 24 Position MBB Rotary Switch Application

Mixer 24 position Rotary switchAudio 24 way rotary switch

L&G SP24T 24 Position BBM Rotary Switch Application Voltage conversion adjustment

24position rotary switch

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