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How to Selector Dump Switch

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How to Selector Dump Switch

In our daily life, when the cold weather in winter comes, many people will know that the electric heater is a household standing appliance. The electric heater is most suitable for use in winter. Its function is the same as our early fire baking. It is an electric appliance that people can use to resist the cold weather in winter, but it is also a dangerous appliance.

We used to see the news that improper use of electric heater caused fire. There are fires caused by not paying attention when baking, putting clothes and other inflammables too close, and burning caused by the electric heater falling on the blanket. Similar situation exists in other electrical appliances.

There are many kinds of accidents caused by the dumping of electrical appliances, so how should we prevent them? First, artificial control, pay attention when using; The second is to solve this problem directly at the source and directly in the production of electrical appliances. The anti dumping switch can solve this problem.

Anti dump switch Series

dump switch L&G

As the name suggests, anti dumping switch is a switch that can protect electrical appliances when they fall. What does this little switch do?

In this paper, the anti dumping switch is a steel ball type dumping switch, and its switch shell is composed of a microswitch of a normally open circuit and a steel ball. When the steel ball is not tilted, the weight of the ball presses the pressure handle of the microswitch, so as to keep the power supply energized. When the electric heater tilts or tilts, the steel ball disengages from the pressure handle of the press switch, and the microswitch returns to the normally open state, so as to cut off the power supply of the electric heater. Therefore, the anti dumping switch installed on the machine not only protects the electrical equipment, but also improves the safety of users.

The application of steel ball anti dumping switch is as follows:

1. Electric heater, heater, oil heater

2. Electric fan and air purifier

3. Physiotherapy equipment and sports equipment

4. Vertical air conditioner and other electrical appliances and equipment requiring dumping protection

L&G Switch Potentiometer Application

The quality of anti dumping switches on the market is uneven. What are the advantages of our company's anti dumping switches compared with products on the market?

Compared with other existing electronic dump switches:

1. It has strong seismic capacity both horizontally and vertically

2. The installation process is simple and will not cause any damage during welding

3. The action accuracy is high, and the angle error of high-low level switching can be controlled within ± 5 °

4. No friction, oxidation problem, ambient temperature and humidity have no effect on the output voltage

Compared with the existing mechanical dump switch:

1. Small size and cheap price

2. It is easy to install. It can be directly fixed by screws and installed at the center of gravity of electrical products. All rubber materials have 94V-0 grade. The electrical characteristics required by safety regulations can reach more than 15A 250VAC.

3. The action accuracy is high, and the angle action error of the switch is only within ± 5 °, and the angle action error of the mechanical dumping switch is within ± 20 °

4. High reliability, long service life and no potential safety hazards


L&G ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd. is a professional switch manufacturer. It mainly produces rotary switches, rocker ship switches, toggle switches, gear switches, dump switches, touch switches, key switches, AC and DC sockets and other products.

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