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How to wire incremental rotary encoder to PLC?

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How to wire incremental rotary encoder to PLC?

PLC is a programmable controller that has certain applications in many industries. The magnetoelectric encoder of L&G Electronics needs the cooperation of PLC to calculate the distance, displacement, angle, speed, etc. with the pulse data of one rotation. Therefore, the connection problem of PLC needs our attention. The incremental encoder and PLC need to have a certain method when linking.


The encoder is divided into signal principle, there are incremental encoder and absolute encoder. A rotary encoder is a photoelectric rotary measuring device, which directly converts the measured angular displacement into a digital signal (high-speed pulse signal). Incremental encoder outputs pulses when rotating, and its position is known through counting equipment (PLC) We usually use incremental encoders, which can directly input the output pulse signals of incremental encoders to PLC, and use PLC The high-speed counter counts its pulse signal to obtain the measurement result. Incremental encoders of different models and manufacturers have different phase numbers of output pulses. Some rotary encoders output three-phase pulses of A, B, and Z, and some only have two phases of A and B. The simplest only Phase A. There are at most three groups of three-phase pulses A, A+, A-, B, B+, B-, Z, Z+, and Z-. The commonly used incremental encoder has 5 leads, 3 of which are pulse output lines, 1 is the COM terminal line, and 1 is the power line (OC gate output type). The power supply of the encoder can be an external power supply, or directly use the DC24V power supply of the PLC. The power supply - terminal should be connected to the COM terminal of the encoder, and the + terminal should be connected to the power supply terminal of the encoder. The COM terminal of the encoder is connected to the PLC input COM terminal, and the A, B, and Z two-phase pulse output lines are directly connected to the PLC input terminal. A pulse is usually used as the basis for the zero point. When connecting, pay attention to the response time of the PLC input. The rotary encoder also has a shielded wire, which should be grounded when used to improve anti-interference.

Rotary encoder switch

The encoder of L&G Electronics can customize the pulse and size according to customer needs. The L&G encoder is a cost-effective rotary encoder. The performance of the magnetoelectric encoder is not easily affected by dust and condensation; its structure is simple and compact, without contact , Long life, high and low temperature resistance, anti-vibration, fast response, low cost. Find a rotary encoder manufacturer and contact L&G Electronics.

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