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What is thinpot Film Potentiometer Sensor

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What is thinpot Film Potentiometer Sensor

Embrane Potentiometer
The potentiometers are customizable membrane position sensors with a flexible,
ultra-thin, light weight profile. It has 2 standard formations, strip and ring. Its low power
requirements and linear output make it the ideal position sensor for many applications.
1. Features:
  • Available in both ring and strip formations

  • Linear output

  • Resistance proportional to contact placement

  • IP65 dust proof, water proof(intense spray)

2. Physical properties
  • Thickness: 0.4mm(without back adhesive)

  • Connector: Optional

  • Length&width refer to item 4-Dimensional diagram

  • Substrate: Polyester

  • Optional back adhesive: 0.05mm, 3M 200MP adhesive

3. Typical performance
  • Resistance: Standard 10K ohms

  • Resistance tolerance: ±20%

  • Linearity: strip ±3%; ring ±5%

  • Actuation force: 100 grams

4. Dimensional diagram
4.1 standard type in strip formation
4.2 standard type in Ring formation
5. Standard connection options
For single channel potentiometer the standard connection is a 3-wire system with two
resistive output channels and one collector channel. It can also be a 2-wire system with one
resistive output channel and one collector channel.
  • Solder Tab

  • Square male pins

  • Female Receptacles with plain housing

  • Female Receptacles with Lock housing

The Potentiometer Sensor consists of a polyester film with excellent mechanical properties, a highly conductive material and a nanoscale pressure sensitive material. The top layer is a flexible film and a composite pressure layer on the top. The bottom layer is a flexible film and a composite conductive wire. Both through the double-sided adhesive paste to isolate the sensing area. When the induction zone is compressed, the lines that are disconnected from each other through the top layer of the pressure-sensitive layer conduction, the port resistance output value changes with the pressure.

Thickness 0.35mm
Shape Flaky, flexible
Actuation force <20g Res.<=200KΩ
Sensitivity range <20g to 10Kg<
Resolution continuous
Non-actuated resistance >10M Ω
Response time <10ms
Operating temperature -40℃~+85℃
Life time >1   million
Repeatability Same part +/-3%, Average   R@1000g
Repeatability part to part +/-10% Average   R@1000g
Hysteresis +10%,(RF+ -   RF-)/FR+,1000g
EDS Not ESD   sensitive
Drift <5%, 2.5kg load, 24H
Rohs compliant Yes

Film Potentiometer Sensor Applications

1,Human-machine interface

When the force reaches the specified threshold, the switch contacts are closed and the threshold can be adjusted according to the application requirements.

Tread pressure analysis system
Ultra - thin baggage measuring weights
Identify unintentional or intentional touch
Color balance quality control
Touch interface force sensor
Golf trainer
Grip measurement

2,Consumer Electronics

Flexible, durable,lightweight film force sensor can be used for the following consumer products

Pressure stylus
Ultra-thin sensitivity adjustable keyboard
3D touch
Automatic switch headphones
E-sports game keyboard

3,Running & Health

Film Potentiometer sensor Lightweight, easy to integrate features are popular with smart wear, intelligent sports equipment industry.

Smart cushion

Smart insoles
Smart pillow
Kegel sports intelligence trainer
Smart mattress
Robot tactical feedback
Grip perception / detection

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