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What Is Legtop Variable Resistor Rheostat

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What Is Legtop Variable Resistor Rheostat

300Watts 34 Ohm LEGTOP RT Wirewound Variable Resistor, High Power Rheostat, Potentiometer, 12.5W to 300W available


1.LEGTOP RT ceramic tray variable series are wound with Ni-Cr alloy, Cu-Ni alloy wires as a resistor element.
2.The entire component is coated non-flammable and high-temperatue resin exception for the slide contact surface.
3.After cooling and drying, insulation is applied through a high-temperature process. Installed centered roating adjuster component slides along the resistance element to vary the resistance to the desired value.
4.Can provide the knob with customers requirement.
1.Variable resistors are often called potentiometers in books and catalogues.Variable LEGTOP RT may
used as a rheostat with two connections,(the wiper and just one end of the track )or as a
potentiometer with all three connections in use.
2.On one resistor ,can have the different resistance requirement(flat and round wire can be in
same rheostat).
3. High power rating,resistance to humidity, resistance value in great adjustable range.
4.Motor controller also use LEGTOP RT series as rheostat or potentiometer to control the speed of a
by limiting the flow of current through them .


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