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How To Correctly Used Variable Resistor

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How To Correctly Used Variable Resistor

The Potentiometer resistor mostly synthetic resin made more carbonated, so use should be avoided in contact with the following chemicals: ammonia, other amines, aqueous alkali solution, aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones, lipids hydrocarbons, strong chemicals (high pH) and so on, otherwise it will affect its performance.

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Potentiometer terminals in the welding should avoid the use of capacitive water flux, otherwise it will contribute to a metal oxide material with mildew; the use of poor quality but also to avoid the use of solder, poor solder may cause difficulties on the tin, resulting in poor contact or disconnection.

L&G Variable ResistorsPotentiometer to the terminals during soldering if soldering temperature is too high or too long will cause damage to the Potentiometer. Pin terminals should be soldered at 235 ℃ ± 5 ℃, within 3 seconds to complete, the welding should ionization potential than 1.5MM body, do not use the solder flow through the circuit board welding; welded wire terminals should be at 350 ℃ ± 10 ℃, completed within three seconds. The process of using the terminal to avoid stress, or easily cause poor contact.

Welding, rosin (flux) into the appropriate height adjustment of the press plate, flux should avoid invasive internal Potentiometer, otherwise it will cause poor contact brush and resistor generates INT, noise undesirable phenomena.
Potentiometer to adjust the voltage applied to the best structure and wiring should choose "1" feet grounded. Avoid using current regulation structure because the contact resistance and the contact resistance between the sheet against by a large current.

Avoid potential surface condensation or water droplets exist, avoid damp places to prevent the deterioration of the insulation or cause a short circuit.

Install "rotating" potentiometer at a fixed nut, strength should not be too tight, or turn to avoid breaking Neck and poor; installation "steel sliding straight" when potentiometer, avoid using long screws, or they may interfere with the slide movement of the handle, or even directly damage the potentiometer itself.

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Put the potentiometer knob in the process, the use of force is not too large (parameter index can not exceed the "specifications" of the central axis of the push-pull), otherwise it will cause damage to the potentiometer.
Potentiometer rotation operation force (rotating or sliding) with temperature rises lighter, with decreasing temperature and tighten. If the potentiometer is used in low-temperature environment for an explanation for the use of special low temperature grease.

Shaft or slip handle potentiometer can be used as much as possible should be designed as short as possible. Shaft or slip handle length shorter feel better and stable. Conversely the greater the longer the shaking, feel easy to change.

Potentiometer carbon power can withstand a temperature of around 70 ℃, when the temperature is higher than 70 ℃ may lose its function.

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